Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tati Talk

So many of the things Tatiana says are noteworthy {and chuckleworthy} for that matter, I thought I'd preserve them for posterity. And maybe I'll make a layout about them at some point.

1. She says "handy-downs" instead of "hand-me-downs". She got the term from Cheaper by the Dozen 2, although she doesn't know what it means. I keep telling her that we'll get her some at a garage sale. It's kinda the same thing, right??So if anyone out there has some summer clothes sized 5/6, this girl really wants handy-downs!!!

2. Not so much something she said, but something she did. So, I'm teaching her how to use my phone in case of emergencies & normally I have to bribe her to even talk on the phone. Well this morning, while I was indisposed, she called my Dad by arrowing down to my recent calls and hitting send. I think she thought she was calling her dad. When my dad answered, she used her good manners and said, "I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number." and hung up {I'm so proud!} So she tried again. My dad realized the situation at hand and told her who he was. She said, "OOOHH." and started up a conversation. I came into the room at the point where she announced, "Your dad called again." Nice try kid.

Hope you had a chuckle or two. Or three.


Anonymous said...

Tati's phone useage absolutely made my day. How funny! It's a thought I'll keep with me thru the day. Love, Mom

Alicia said...

Your going to have to invest in those type of phone prices that have unlimited min. for the same price. She's so cute!! :0)