Sunday, April 16, 2006

{Easter Basket}

So here's an Easter basket full of blogging goodies for those faithful readers out there. It's been awhile since I posted any layouts so here's a two-fer. This first one "Boobers" was one I had in my head for awhile & just stems from a desire to preserve Sienna's nickname. The journaling reads:

We named her Sienna Jade. I used to love calling her "bubbly, bubbly baby". Somehow it got shortened to "boobers". And the name just stuck.

t's hard to tell from the picture, but there's a frame of sewing machine stitching around the picture of Sienna. The little journaling circles are stitched as well. I just love this picture of Sienna. It's just so her. Classic Sienna face!

This layout, "Cousins", was made after a recent visit by the Sweigert girls. There is more machine stitching along the top of the patterned paper. The journaling reads:

I remember when Ashley was just a baby. I remember when Jessica took her first steps. And here they are now. Teenagers. With my children. Playing and laughing and holding and caring the same way I did with them. One minute I am buzzing Diana's apartment doorbell and
I hear Ashley's feet running to greet me and the next minute I am altering her prom dress. Makes me want to hold Tatiana and Sienna tight. My girls. My 4 girls.

I had so much fun doing this one. It's so springy too. Just puts me in a good mood looking at it!!
Last weekend the girls had some Spring activities with Grandpa Rich & Grandma Renee. We had a chilly egg hunt outside which the kids enjoyed, although I think the chocolate eating afterwards was probably more enjoyable. I did have a plan to color Easter eggs this year. I even bought the egg-dyeing kit and 2 dozen eggs. I just never got around to it. Ran out of energy. I think it's been Rick's work schedule taking a toll this last week. Just don't have the oomph to do all the things I wanted to do this week. Rick did have Friday off which was nice. We went to Noodles & Co. for dinner and then to Harvest in Crystal Lake for a Good Friday service. They showed clips of Passion of the Christ, which I've seen before, but yet I still almost threw-up watching it. It was a good reminder of what Christ went through for us.

Yesterday we were blessed to have a visit from Grandma Ania. We went to lunch at Panera & went for a short visit to Babcia's house. Tatiana loved having her Grandma here. Ania rode in the back seat next to her everywhere we went. Grandma also bought the girls some things at Target including a new Care Bear, a Dora rolling suitcase and a Little Tikes picnic table. Tatiana was happy with her new purchases. That was on top of all the goodies she got from her Babcia!! Thanks guys!!

More later.........

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Alicia said...

That makes two of us that had planned for easter eggs and didn't do them!! I guess the kids won't miss what they never knew were coming!:0) But hey now we have the decorations for next year, maybe we can do them together!!! :0)