Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blogger Challenge

Random Challenge of the day:
Let's name some celebrity crushes. Who did you like as a kid, who did you like as a teenager, who do you like now?

Um, I can't really say I had any celebrity crushes as a kid, but as a teenager, it was Jason Priestly {Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210}. I used to have a huge poster of him on the back of bedroom door. I'd plant a kiss or blow him one at least once a day. Yep, I'm embarrassed now. My face is feeling flushed. Anywho...which celebrity do I like now? I still like Tom Cruise despite all his bad publicity & am a huge Michael Vartan fan {Alias, Never Been Kissed}. I can't leave out Matt Damon or Matthew Fox either. So now a little bit more about me has been demystified.

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