Monday, April 25, 2011

Lots of Bits & Pieces

I suffered through the stomach flu last week. It was several days of discomfort and one day of total misery and yuckiness. I recovered in time to make some fabulous food for Easter weekend.
We went to an Easter egg hunt and won an ipod shuffle in a raffle! I felt like I was on The Price is Right, complete with waving arms, whooping, and running towards the front.
The Husband is jobless again. It is disappointing in many ways, but not unfamiliar territory. I am relying, not only on God, but also on all the hard earned lessons learned in difficult seasons past. I am leaning hard into focusing on the positives (family time galore!) and enjoying the reconnection with my lover. I know God will not let me go hungry and does care about even my smallest needs.
This is our last week with our current Safe Families baby. I think I will actually be sad to see him go! We have decided to expand our acceptable age range to 0-8 and are looking forward to who God brings us next.
April 20th marked the two-year anniversary of our devastating ultrasound with Olivia. There was only lingering sadness and a few brief times of painful memories. One comment that still stands out in my mind is when speaking with one of OBs by phone, she said, "Don't do anything heroic." (They wanted to admit me to the hospital because of high blood pressure for the duration of the pregnancy.) Little did she know that I would do the most heroic thing I could think of: continue to love a daughter that was destined to live a brief life. It's an irony that I still shake my head at.
We are building bunkbeds! Remember the farmhouse bed we built for ourselves last fall? We are doing farmhouse style bunkbeds (with an arch) for our girls and I couldn't be more excited! We have had the materials for some time now and now that the Husband has lots of free time, we are getting them made. I can't wait to show you the final product!
The Husband and I are becoming increasingly interested in pursuing training in Biblical counseling. We have taken an introductory course regarding this and have purchased a book which we are studying independently. We really feel God moving us forward together in this area of ministry and are both looking forward to serving Him together as offer help and healing to hurting people.

I think that catches you up on most of the big happenings in our corner of the world!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Glimpse of a Visit

A word from the baby...

"Strange faces. Strange sights. Strange smells. Everyone is smiling, but no one looks familiar. Where is my mommy? Where is my brother? Get me out of my carseat! NOW! Which reminds me, I'm hungry. waah, Waah, WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why can't these people understand me? No, I don't want my pacifier. No, I don't want any rattley toys. No, I don't need my diaper changed. I need my bottle! !Oh, yes, it looks like they are getting out the formula. Wait, no, I don't like it warmed up. Why aren't you doing it like Mommy does it??! Oh dear, this could be a long few days...."

A word from me...

"Cute baby. Seem totally harmless. This might actually be fun! I know how to take care of babies. I know how to fix formula, mix rice cereal, bounce, sway, and shush. I know how to buckle carseats, change diapers, and take leisurely walks in strollers. I just don't know how to care for this baby. I don't know his cries, I don't know what he does when he gets tired or bored. There is comfort that only Mommy can give, but I will do my best. Wow. This is more work than I remember. Thankfully I have several extra hands to help. WHAT??! You're only 7 months old and you don't fix your own breakfast? Or watch movies? Or entertain yourself with playdough or run off by yourself into the backyard? So this is what I've been missing since my youngest left babyhood behind. But, Oh, the chubby cheeks! The little fingers! The toothless grins and giggles! The even breathing of a sleeping little one, snuggled close, grasping my hair for comfort as he drifts off peacefully. Yes, this. This is what I've been missing."