Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Culinary Tip #3

The "Scoop"
Invest in several size muffin scoops, as they have many different uses. Using "scoops" will help your baked items have uniformity, meaning they will be done baking at the same time & will look prettier since they'll all be the same size. Buy a scoop with a sturdy mechanism for turning out your dough. I *love* the brand OXO. They make superb kitchen products. You can buy them at Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond. I'm sure a Linens 'N Things carry them as well. The small scoops can be used for little cookies, portioning mini-muffin batter, and making meatballs. I have a medium sized scoop that I use for cookies all the time. It makes a good sized cookie. I also use it for ice cream, portioning cupcakes & muffins, and for making uniform pancakes. I suppose you could also use it for scooping mashed potatoes or cole-slaw like some cafes do, although I've never tried it myself.

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