Friday, April 07, 2006


I went to my Babcia's house on Tuesday and preserved a little bit of history. I took the girls and Babcia outside for a photo shoot (whether they wanted to or not)! It was a beautiful sunny day & I just kept clicking away. Tatiana's favorite place to be is outside & one of Babcia's favorite things to do is work on her plants, so I thought it fitting. Tatiana walked Daisy around the driveway for awhile--actually I think she was the one that was walked. She also sat on her trike and let Daisy pull her around. What a
great dog! When Babcia was really sick last week, Daisy came into her bedroom (which she never does) and would not leave Babcia's side. Every time Babcia got up to go do something, Daisy would follow her to make sure nothing bad happened. I think that dog was worried. Again, what a great dog.

Here's another pictu
re from our visit. Taken by my budding photographer daughter. Kinda touches me that she's interested in some of the things I'm interested in. She's taken several really great photos since the time she was 3 years old.

I've been realizing this last week how much work keeping up with a blog really is. Especially where the uploading/resizing of pictures is involved. I mean, does anybody even read this thing?? Hello out there? Anybody listening? Bueller...Bueller...Bueller.....


skyra said...

YES, YES, YES, I read it everynight!!! You have to keep doing this, I'm addited! These are great pictures! That dog is a angel!
Love, your favorite person in the world! :)

Anonymous said... the other day I was at Farm and Fleet getting some last minute Easter dresses for the oldest three k's and over the loud speaker was announced "tim bueller...line(whatever)" I was like...NO WAY...bueller...bueller...bueller. I thought I would tell you that!