Monday, April 03, 2006

Blogger Challenge

Women are powerful creatures. We all have powerful, inspiring women in our lives.
Here's the challenge:

What are some things that YOU have learned from other women/creative women in your life? Make your own list.
What have you learned from these women in your life? What have they taught you?

1. The world keeps on turning even when we're hurting. This is something my mom told me after a break-up with a high school boyfriend & I've carried it with me ever since. Although it seems cruel, life goes on. It just plain does.

2. There is great reward in gardening. Something I picked up from the world's most wonderful Babcia. If through our genes, she passed on even 1/4 of the green thumb she has, I will be grateful. Every time I touch the earth, I will think of her.

3. Mentors are priceless. My dear friend Linda has always had inspiring/compassionate/challenging words for every situation. We've had times of singing, times of weeping, times of laughing, times of silliness. I am eternally grateful for her.

4. Family is so comforting. Thank you Skyra for teaching me this. I really believe that blood made us family, but God made us friends. There is something so comforting having you around.

I really wish I had more highly creative women in my life. People who are inspired to be life artists as I am. Maybe I will have to just make some creative converts.

1 comment:

skyra said...

You made my eyes water, silly!
I'm counting down to our day out to the scrapping store and our sleep over!! :)
Love you, skyra