Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blogger Challenge

Challenge: You find/win/are given/inherit $100,000. Make a list and itemize exactly what you would do with the money.

1. Remodel kitchen: new cabinets, new SS appliances, tile floor & backsplash, paint, beadboard ceiling, granite/natural stone countertops, accessories: $10,000

2. Purchase small SUV, slightly used: $15,000

3. Plan a 10-year anniversary trip to Europe. 2-week tour including Paris & Italy: $12,000

4. Pay down mortgage & then refinance: $40,000

5. Buy new furniture like living room set & dining room set: $4,000

6. Finish basement: $5,000

7. Open savings account: $10,000

8. Rick & I each get $2k to spend however we wish: $4,000

Grand total: $100,000
Some fun stuff, some practical stuff. I guess that would describe Rick & I as well....

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