Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Family Life

Since my internet was knocked out for the weekend, I've been unable to post anything. Then Sunday, I tried to post but I didn't think it worked--apparently it did. We have been spending A LOT of time outside. Sienna is the family dirtball: she goes straight for the rake and her little patch of soil. Tatiana never liked even the thought of getting all dirty, let alone to go and do it. I can't wait to start picking out some plants and making the yard look pretty. Well, it doesn't look too bad now, but it definitely could use some work. I just received a used patio bench, chair, and table, which I will be working on "updating" in the next few weeks. You know, spray paint, new chair pads, etc.

Here's a photo of the family from Easter: starting from the bottom left is my grandma with Tatiana, me with Sienna, my mom in the upper left, my brother Justin and my Aunt Gigi. It was a lovely day to get together. We ate so much though, both Rick & I had a stomache that night. We could hardly sleep!!

I have been doing some research online to start a homemaking notebook. I want to include things like copies of my grocery list, copies of important documents, cleaning lists, and the like. I have found some places with free downloadable forms which I'm planning on using. You can read about the notebook here and here. I also recently came across these websites about being a better homemaker. Check them out for yourself if you have time: choosing home and Christian homemaking. I can't wait to start including more homemaking goodies and links in my blog. Anyone have any homemaking sites they want to share? Leave me a comment!

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