Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blogger Challenge

Use your blog to write about YOUR HOPES AND WISHES for YOU. No one else. Not your kids. Not your better half. Not friends and family. But your hopes and wishes for YOU and you alone.

What are they?
Do you have any?

What are YOUR hopes and wishes? YOUR dreams? Elaborate as you wish. Remember, this one is all about YOU.
You matter. How you feel counts. What your deepest dreams, passions are.
Write them down. Get specific. Imagine.

I have been thinking about the answer to this question all day. I can sum up my hopes and wishes for myself in three simple words: Live life fully.
Fully Christian. Fully mother. Fully wife. Fully woman.
Be my best at everything I do. My best--not the best. I want to really enjoy life. Enjoy the journey. I want to really pour myself into all the things that I've been called too. It's not enough for me just to be a stay-at-home mom. I want to have fun with my kids, give them opportunities for enjoyable experiences, really get to know them, their gifts/talents/love languages. It is not enough for me to be a homemaker. I want to be a domestic diva, to have a organized, welcoming, unchaotic, nicely decorated haven. I want to challenge myself with my faith--to understand what being a Christian is really all about and to fully experience the depth and breadth and life of being a child of God. I want to discover my passions. It's not enough for me just to scrapbook. I want to be a life artist, to develop my skills, and perfect my craft. Live life fully.

Don't get me wrong. There are lots of things I'd like to do, but they could still all be categorized as living life fully. I hope to visit Paris someday. If I never had the chance, I know I'd regret it. I would love to have my own successful business, most likely something food related, not just a business, but an experience. I wouldn't mind getting my bachelor's degree, but I realized a long time ago that an education as an end really isn't worth anything and that corporate-ladder climbing for ego's sake is extremely shallow.

What about you? Are you being your best at the things you've been called to? If not, what's stopping you? Life live fully.

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