Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Domestic Diva Tip #1

Cleaning the Microwave
To prevent splatters in the first place, it's best to try and cover anything with the potential for messiness. The inevitable splatter, though, manages somehow to occur. I've spent years scrubbing, spraying Fantastik, using kitchen wipes, etc. NO MORE! I've heard this technique mentioned but never tried it. Put a half of a lemon cut side up in a bowl filled with a little bit of water (about half-way up the lemon) and microwave for 5 minutes. Most of the splatters will just wipe away with a paper towel. Yep, it's that simple. Or if you're like dear friend {M}, you could just buy a new microwave when it gets beyond cleaning!

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Anonymous said...

And what if you don't usually have lemons on hand? I have always wanted to know the best way to do this as well! My microwave is above my refrigerator so I have to stand on a chair to clean it or pull it down.(ha...yeah right) Thanks for the tips!