Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blogger Challenge

Now don't go tellin' Rick any of this 'cuz he almost never reads this blog:

How much do you normally spend in a scrapbooking store? It probably averages to about $30.

How often do you normally shop in a store? About once every two months. (Lately its been more frequent so Skyra can stock up!)

Or are you an online shopper? I do *love* to shop online also since my favorite brick and mortar store is about an hour away. I love that just deliver it to my house, can shop in my pj's, and have an unlimited selection. My next purchase will probably come from A Cherry on Top since they have a great selection and I *love* how you can shop by theme or by manufacturer. Great idea!

1 comment:

tracie said...

I used to spend $30 a month but then my daughter started to scrap and I gave her a bunch of things and now need to build up my stash again. I am over that amount LOL

have a great day