Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Start Shopping CVS for Less Than $1

If you are considering shopping the CVS method {or are trying to convert someone}, this might be a good time to start. Here is a beginner scenario to get you started:

Buy 5 Excedrin for $1.99 $9.95
Use 5 $2 off coupons {here, here, or here} -$10.00

Just pay the tax and get $5 ECBs for your next order! {You might want to throw in a candy bar so they don't look at you like you're a coupon criminal!} twisted

This scenario is great for several reasons:

#1 - It's super simple!
#2 - It doesn't involve any of the elusive free-after-ECB items such as the CVS Pain Relief Gelcaps or the Softsoap Spa Radiance {am I the only one who can't find any???} eek
#3 - Super low OOP {out-of-pocket}
#4 - It doesn't require any CVS coupons or coupons from previous newspaper inserts

Let me know if you have any questions or are giving this scenario a try!

P.S. There are boxes of Excedrin that are shrink-wrapped together that are a special "get one free" package. These also "work" for this deal, so if you can find them, you could get 10 boxes, instead of 5!


Stephanie said...

Definitely gonna take advantage of this! With my migraines, I can always use excedrin. And I am planning a garage sale in a few weeks, so I can always sale a few then and earn more money on them.

I haven't actually looked for the CVS Pain Relief Gelcaps yet, but plan on looking my next visit. I'll let you know if they are at my store. And for the Softsoap Spa Radiance, I went to one of the Rockford locations and they had TONS, but that was the first of the month. I'm not sure about now. I can let you know about that too when I go for the excedrin and CVS Pain Gelcaps.

Rebecca said...

I went to three different Rockford stores for the Softsoap Spa!! I managed to find two boxes of the Gelcaps that had fallen off the little track they're on & onto the back of the shelf. I stood on my tiptoes and saw them way in the back ;>)

Thank goodness for rainchecks ;>)

Stephanie said...

No CVS Pain Relief Gelcaps or Softsoap Spa Radiance at my store. Sorry :-(