Friday, April 11, 2008

Ode to the Laundry

Sung to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree"

O, Laundry room, O, Laundry room
Your loads are never ending

O, Laundry room, O, Laundry room
Into your machines, I'm always bending

First wash a load, then tumble dry
Then fold 'em up, and pile so high

O, Laundry room, O, Laundry room
Your loads are never ending

Are you constantly doing laundry throughout the week? One load a day? Or do you have a designated day to just get it all done and over with?


Saralyn said...

Because I am a clothes line girl I do laundry every day but Sunday. During the spring and fall clothes don't dry fast enough to hang more than one load. Part of my kids' chores is to sort dirty and fold and put away clean laundry. Saves a bit of Mamma's sanity!

Monday is a total clothes day, Tuesday is a sheet and towels day, and the rest of the week I do one load of either dark or light.

Anonymous said...

LOL, ummm this is so right on topic with me this week, I really could have used and sung this song all week. I have kept saying WILL IT EVER END!!!!! and QUIT CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES IM TIRED OF WASHING THEM!! :0)


Stephanie said...

Since our laundry room is upstairs, it makes it much easier not having to carry loads up and down stairs. *But* it makes it a bit complicated if I have to do things downstairs. I choose to spend an entire day upstairs to do laundry. And I can take advantage of my time upstairs and clean while waiting on the loads to wash and dry. Every other week, I usually spend 2 days upstairs. The first day, I change our sheets and wash them. While they are washing and drying, I dust and clean bathrooms. The second day, I wash all our clothes and while waiting on them, I vaccuum and mop all the upstairs floors. Works for me.

Anna said...

I've been struggling with this lately. I focus all of my energy on my classes and before I know what hit me, Mount Washmore pays a visit. I've been doing a minimum of two loads a day, trying to catch up. Once I get caught up, I could use some pointers. I was thinking a load a day, but actually I'm starting to wonder if it will need to be two a day. Maybe we need to lower our standard of cleanliness. I mean come on, are those pajamas the kids put on after their bath really dirty? How bout the jeans that hardly look like I wore them. What did people do before washers and dryers? GASP! Wore the same outfit twice??????????

Anonymous said...

"ode no more"

So let me set the stage for I get home from picking DS up from school and getting my weekly grovery shopping done (approx 6pm)to find my dryer still going...strange since it was on automatic shut off when the load is dry setting so my ears definately perked up (what kind of load takes three hours to dry) uh oh...i open it up and no since it is only a few days till our 9 year wedding anniversary I call DH and say "you know what I want for our anniversary" to which he says I give up he says...I want one of those "fancy" washer/dryers that does all that cool stuff...under my breath...since ours is not working. To which my wonderful charming hubby says...just cause it's fancy it's not gonna fold and put it away for you. So off we go to lowes

Rebecca said...

LOL! Let me know if you find one that puts it away for you, so that I can ask for THAT for our 10th anniversary. Ha. You are so funny. I had a 3 hour drying cycle just the other day. Finally I told Hubs, "What's up with the dryer? It's been going for like 3 hours." He had turned off the gas because he said he thought he smelled gas. So all the clothes got was just three hours of tumbling air....