Saturday, April 05, 2008

Deals for the Week

I got so many good deals this week, I've actually lost track. Here is all my loot from Monday, when I went shopping with my good ole' friend Michelle.

::Goodies from Target, CVS, and Hilander::

I think I've found a new shopping buddy, *wink, wink*.

Total OOP {from 3 different stores}: $11 and some change
Total ECBs received at CVS: $14

So even after going to 3 different places, I was still $3 ahead! I tried to show Michelle the ropes at CVS. Easier said than done as 1) even though it was still March {the 31st} some of the March deals weren't printing ECBs and 2) even though it was only Monday, they were completely sold out of the Softsoap Spa Radiance {checked two different CVSs} 3) nobody had any April flyers available even though the stores were already changed over for their April deals. Grrrr. We did get manage to get in on the Essence of Beauty deal {three little goodies for free after ECBs} and some free {after coupons & ECBs} Lady Speed Stick deoderant. One of my favorite finds though was the Ken's Dressing at Target for $1.87/bottle. I had 3 $2/1 coupons so I let Michelle get a free bottle & then I got two free bottles. I also got some free cat treats for my mom's cat. I had coupons for the AirWick & for the frozen veggies {which came to $.50 per box after double coupons}.

I hit the Target mid-week when I discovered the Target coupon generator over at A Full Cup. The Nature's Valley bars came out to $.86 after stack the Target & manufacturer's coupons. I hear that some of their organic Archer Farms cereal is on clearance for $1.68. There is a coupon on the generator for $1/1 = $.68/box of organic cereal. Now that's a sweet deal!

Last night, I hit the Hilander for Kroger's Mega 10 event.

::Hilander Goodies ~ 2 Minute Maid OJs not pictured::

In hindsight, I wish that A) I didn't go so late at night B) I knew where everything was located C) I had more time to shop leisurely and D) they would've accepted my Excedrin coupons. {Although, I see that next week CVS has Excedrin on sale for $1.99, which with the $2 coupon makes it free, plus you get $1 ECB. Sweet!} All in all, I got $55 worth of groceries for $18, so I guess I can't complain. I guess some of the best deals were the $.50 bags of Goldfish crackers, the free French's mustard, the nearly free Nature's Way rice mix {not part of the deal, but the regular price is $1.07 and there are online coupons for $.50 when doubled = $.07/box}, and the free Pillsbury rolls.

To see what deals other bloggers have snagged, visit this post at Money Saving Mom!

I never realized shopping and deal-grabbing could actually be a hobby! It is so much more fun when you do it with a friend too. Wouldn't you agree? Do you ever deal shop with friends?


Stephanie said...

Good for you. Great deals. I have only tried shopping with my mom once and I couldn't concentrate for the life of me...:-P I don't know what my problem was that day.

Anonymous said...

Are these places close to you? I am just trying to figure out if all that traveling around is really saving you that much money with gas being 3 something?

Rebecca said...

Hi anonymous! Well where I live no place is close by! We live in a small rural town of 1000 people & must go to the nearest metropolitan area to do our shopping. It's unavoidable. I do try to combine as many trips as possible though. I *never* go out to just one store. In this example, I wanted to get together with my friend anyways, who lives in the nearest city, so we did some shopping while we were at it. I went to the Hilander after our small group meeting on Friday night {in the same big city} & sometimes I will stop by a store on my way home from church or while my daughter is in dance class {both in bigger cities}.

So no, they're not close to me, but yes, considering the price of gas, I try to make my trips as efficient as possible!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Just thought I would pass on information I got yesturday from a df! You can take your ads to Walmart and they will price match!! They will even price match the store brands, like Meijers milk is on sale for a 1.99 so you could get walmarts milk for that! Plus your coupons, that way you can try and not travel as much for stuff other than cvs of course! ;0)

Rebecca said...

Ok. I NEVER KNEW THAT ABOUT WAL-MART!! This really has me excited {I almost called you}! So, even on produce or sale items?? At the moment, this won't help much as our PO-DUNK Wal-mart doesn't carry much, but once the Super WM opens I could just collect all my ads & then show them what I want them to price match? Do you have to go to the customer service desk or do something special??

I would be walking up to the cashier with one hand full of store ads & the other hand full of coupons, LOL LOL!!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

As I have heard it anything that is on sale in the ad will be priced matched, except they don't do the B1G1 deals and stuff like that. And no you can just take it to the register, I even heard that they have to believe you if you say something is on sale at a different store but forgot your ad, this gets a little hairy though I was told. One lady that does this has come to the register with all her things in groups (just like you would cvs) and then in each ad everything was circled so she could just show the cashier! Yep this is good stuff don't ya know!! ;0) I will call you back, its been hectic around here since yesturday morning! :0)

Eunice Pundsack said...

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