Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sew and Sew: American Girl

Yep. I'm addicted. My sister-in-law thinks I'm a nut. My niece got an American Girl doll for Christmas, so what did I get her as a gift? Handmade doll clothes of course. The great thing about sewing for a doll is that if you are a beginning sewer, it will give you a good idea of how things are generally constructed. It's great for people who get easily bored with projects {like me} because they are relatively quick to make. Also, they require very little fabric to make + 99 cent patterns = inexpensive gift! Here are some things I've made so far:

:: denim jacket & jeans ::

:: red plaid jumper {kinda matches my niece's school uniform} ::

:: purple fleece jogging suit {ya know, for when the doll exercises} ::

:: embroidered fleece coat {my favorite} ::

:: purple dress & matching headband ::

I have been using Simplicity patterns 7083 and 4786. They all fit perfectly! I also was alerted to the fact that all the old patterns that were sold with some of the dolls are available at the agplaythings website. I've downloaded Molly's clothes & Josefina's clothes. You have to print out the patterns on multiple pages & then piece them together, but hey, they're free. These little projects are seriously fun and give me a quick sewing fix. Can't wait til there's a doll in my family. Maybe for my girl's 7th birthday............or when I turn 31 :>)


Stephanie said...

VERY cute! But I can totally NOT do that! Simple is my name! And the embroidery on the fleece coat, did you do that? On your new birthday present?

Saralyn said...

They're gorgeous! You should go into business selling doll clothes!

Beth said...

How adorable! Love em! The coat is my favorite too. Could you supersize the pattern and make one for me? Ha ha!:-)

Erin said...

I am on agplaythings. I think my handle is mommyto5girls. I check the sales page alot. We have bought some outfits from there. I love that they have the patterns for free on there too. So nice!

You did a great job on your clothes. I know that there are many people on ebay who sell ag doll clothes.

I recommend dolls for 7 year olds! Actually we have 4 dolls in the house(I think you know that!). We have Molly, Emily, Just Like you doll and a blonde bitty baby. My girls love them!

Christin said...

ALL I can say is WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I'm so impressed, I'm speechless. Seriously. Okay, and maybe a little jealous of your talent. But...I'm working on that one. *wink*

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Very cute, and you've inspired me to possibly give it a try for a little darlings birthday coming up. She can only dress her ag doll in the same clothes so many times you know ;0)

Jeanette said...

Those are all very nice. I would love to learn to do stuff like that. Have you ever heard of You should look into it :-)