Thursday, February 07, 2008

Easy Come, Easy Go

She was beautiful. I lovingly created her pattern myself, from scratch. I ordered some special fabrics online. I quilted the bottom of the front & back and made my first attempt at adding piping. She did lay listlessly in my "to finish" pile for some time, but once I got my new machine, she was one of the things to get finished first. I was saving her for summer. She would be perfect for a trip to the beach or the park. I hung her in my closet. Then.....I got impatient. I thought using her now would lift my spirits. I packed her up carefully for a trip to my in-laws house. That would be the first and last time I would use her.

My SIL: Wow! Nice bag!

Me: Thanks ;>)

SIL: Can I buy a bag from you like that? I'll give you $20.

Me: You mean, a bag like this one or this one?

SIL: No. That one.

Me: Um....ok.

So, I unpacked her & I'll hopefully see her now & again when I come to visit. Here she was:

P.S. Thanks to my summery bag, I have an order for another one in different fabrics from one of hubby's cousins!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Very cute, and i know you'll miss her but I bet you won't regret the money ;0)

Erin said...

Me too!!!! I want one!!! I would love one in the Micheal Miller's Eiffel Tower Print!!! Seriously...I think that would be a great size for a diaper bag and I need a new one!

Jeanette said...

Hey, I think you might be interested in viewing my blog :-)

Stephanie said...

Very cute!!
Way too complicated for me! Got an easier bag to recommend for me to make? I was thinking of making a diaper bag for my sister (see my blog) for her baby gift. Any simple suggestions?

Rebecca said...

Thanks ya'll!

Peaceful: Nope. Not regretting the money ;>)

Erin: I would make you one in your desired print for $20.

Jeanette: I'll be posting about what I read on your blog!!

Steph: I think you just need a little encouragement. I have 2 diaper bag patterns that I purchased that you can look at. Or, I can give you some *simple* suggestions when we come for dinner ;>)