Saturday, February 09, 2008

Aw, Shucks

I have been feeling really blessed by all my friends this week, who rallied around me for various reasons, including turning 30 and hubster losing his job last Friday {more on that to come}. Old friends, new friends, small group friends, internet friends. I have really been striving to be a better friend myself, so I'm feeling very loved in return. Thanks guys! Seriously. I also was surprised to learn that Jeanette has nominated me as her blogger of the month. Aw, shucks. *blush* I am glad that I could use this venue to offer some inspiration and helpful ideas, whether it be for crafts or for domestic engineering or womanhood in general. Thanks for the nomination!

Have you been blessed by a friend this week?


Hollie said...

So sorry to hear about the hubby's job... we'll be praying for you guys! I know this might sound really cheesy but I have been really blessed by Jeremy's friendship this week! We were able to go out and have a night to ourselves this weekend and it was so good for us to have that time away!

Christin said...

How are you guys doing since the job loss?

...and congrats on Blogger of the month!! woo hoo!!!