Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Deals

I guess I will be starting off 2008 with some good deals that maybe you have not heard of yet. Have you discovered Redbox? Maybe I am just the last to know, what considering my sleep deprived fog and all. Of course borrowing movies from your local library is the most cost effective way to go {free, folks!}, but if you enjoy new releases and renting instead of forking over huge amounts of cash to go to the theatre, then consider the $1 a day rentals Redbox has to offer. You can even view & reserve the available titles online. Upon arriving at the machine {imagine a vending machine for DVDs}, you swipe your debit/credit card & walk away with your rental. You are simply charged $1 a day until you return the movie. Even if you keep it for two or three {!} nights, you'll still come away less expensive than the big rental stores. You can also conveniently return the movies at any Redbox location. Sign up with your email today for a free $1 rental! And you can double all the coupon & free rental goodness by having your spouse sign up too. If you live near me in real life, then rest assured that your local Kmart, Wal-Mart, or Jewel has a Redbox in it!

I was able to browse through Menard's the other day. All Christmas stuff is 50% off. Not the biggest discount out there I'm sure, but they have some beau-ti-ful decorations, especially for the tree. Hopefully I can get back there to scoop up some of it!

The best deal I've come across recently was at Aldi. They had 2-packs of LeapFrog games for $4.99! I thought these would make great gifts to add to your stash for future kid birthdays. You could even break up the pack, which would come out to $2.50 per game. Hard to beat that! For some reason I didn't buy any, but I am trying to figure out how to get back there so I can get me some ;>)

Any great sales out there? Are there any 80%-off Christmas decorations left at Hobby Lobby?


Mon said...

My Michael's had yarn and accessories for 30% off New Years week. It's not a huge cut, but helpful because I just learned to knit the week of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Target had their christmas stuff for 75% off. :0)

Saralyn said...

We just found Redbox, too. In the past month we've gotten 3 freebie codes from them, so haven't spent a cent yet!

Erin said...

Ummm...I have used redbox a few times. We don't really rent movies so it's not a big change in expense for us.

I did buy some LED lights on 75% off at Walmart a few days after Christmas. I really like to use only LED so I am slowly working up my outdoor lights. Then I will work on indoor tree lights.

My mom hits the hallmark store after Christmas and has an entire tree decorated in 1/2 price ornaments. I don't know that she ever found one that "had to have" and paid full price for. But she is able to find some really cute ones right after Christmas.

If I wasn't so exhausted the day after Christmas(or if Sean was off of work)I would probably go to Target and get some good deals on Christmas decorations. I heard joanns had a big clearance sale starting on 12/26...but I didn't go.

Sharon said...

I just heard about Redbox from Saralyn so this weekend we enjoyed a free movie and some family time. It was nice

Christin said...

Wow...good to know. I've NEVER heard of Redbox. In fact when you first mentioned it, I thought it was some magazine.

Apparently I 'see' your sleep deprived fog and raise you one "living under a rock" chip. You fold? *tease*