Friday, January 25, 2008

Have you....

....had your quiet time today? No. Seriously. If you haven't, please don't read my blog. I much rather you spend a few minutes praying or reading your Bible, then hear me babble about my latest craft project. In an attempt to realign my priorities, I have set Proverbs 31 Ministries Daily Devotions as my home page, instead of having Yahoo! tempt me into reading my email. That way, when I plop myself down in front of my computer in the morning, I will be reminded what I should be doing or have done before I go blog-surfing. {On a side note, if you decide to join me in setting your homepage to Proverbs31 & reading their daily devotionals, I'd love to correspond with you via email to sharpen each other's iron, so to speak.}

I loved today's devotional on having a rag tag soul. So much of what was written resonated with me, particularly these parts:
I was so full of knowledge and yet completely starved of experiencing God Himself.

And I dared to admit that I was not a woman of faith. For if I was completely honest, I lived a life that required no faith at all.
I mean, that second part really got to me. Let me face it. My life is safe. He hasn't been asking me to make seemingly impossible choices. I want to experience Him again for the first time. I want more of Him. I really like the last paragraph as well:
One thing I do know is that a few years ago the world was asking, “Is Jesus real?” That's not the question any longer. I'm convinced the question the world now asks is: "Does Jesus work?" Oh God, that my life could answer this question with a resounding yes, is the very beat of my fragile heart, and the song of my rag tag soul.
My prayer is that others would be able to see the same in me.

That Jesus works.


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Amen, again :0)

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I really liked that one too. I like their website a lot. One devotional that I like from them is called "Hoarder Disorder."