Monday, August 25, 2008

Win Some, Lose Some

I *love* it when a plan comes together. That said, we all know what sometimes happens to even the best laid plans. Let's start with the one that went awry.

I was trying to make a pattern for a Kitchenaid cover for a friendly blog reader. I measured. I re-measured. I planned. I felt confident. {First sign that a plan will inevitably go haywire.} I would have felt terrible if she would've just followed my diagrams, cut her precious fabric & then have the pattern not work out. To avoid such an inevitable awful situation, I figured I better just cut some of my own scrap fabric following the pattern right quick. Um, yeah. Here is the evidence that I tried:

:: maybe it can be saved? ::

It isn't too easy to make something fit nicely on an object that isn't very, um, nicely shaped. The front is wider than the back, leaving way too much excess fabric than I had planned. I did manage to repin the whole thing to see if I can get it to fit better. Dear Andrea, you might be better of just buying a pattern from JoAnn's when they go on sale for 99-cents. I'm sure you could tweak it to look like the one you saw at Target :>)

Now for the plan that *worked*.
:: pink damask on the outside ::

:: rainbow of colors inside ::

I had seen crayon rolls {most recently at Steph's blog} and pencil rolls, but really loved the rolls that had the fabric in each slot matching the crayon/pencil color. I think it just adds a really cool dimension to the whole project, not to mention can work as a great teaching tool for the little ones as they need to match the colors. I had this project already in the works & decided to pull it altogether just in time for my 6-year old niece's birthday gift. You could probably do velcro on a strap to hold the whole thing closed, instead of tying a ribbon. I think the ribbon makes it look prettier, not to mention being good practice for bow-tying, yes? I envision several of these as Christmas gifts, when paired with a personalized sketchpad or coloring book. The best part? Using up the scraps that I've been saving makes this a pretty & *pretty frugal* project.


Peaceful Chaoz said...

So Neat! I'm wondering if you could put elastic down at the bottom of the cover and just slip it under the mixer? Maybe you wouldn't have to worry so much about measuring just right? Havne't tried it, so it was just something running through my head. I was thinking of making one myself since I had seen a comment about it, hmmm not being a suberb sewer yet, not sure I want to take this one on just yet! ;0)

Anna said...

Okay totally want to order one of the rolls but in "boy colors"!!! Have I mentioned that you rock???

Stephanie said...

Very cute colored pencil holder! I had seen a different style for colored pencils, but it was VERY different and frustrated me highly! That one looks adorable.
And I found some crayon rolls using elastic bands to hold them closed. I'm planning on trying that on a few of mine. Very clever matching up the colors. I get a bit overwhelmed thinking of measuring, cutting and sewing all those strips together though... ;-)

Andrea said...

Thanks for trying! Love the crayon roll!