Sunday, August 31, 2008


I am a night-owl. There is just something about the peacefulness of a quiet house that is very relaxing to me. Hubby goes to bed earlier & wakes up earlier, leaving me with! I pretty much always do a craft: knitting, cross-stitching, scrapbooking or sewing. Sometimes I make to-do lists for the next day, research new recipes, or menu plan. I pretty much always try to do something productive balanced with something relaxed. Friday night, I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed {got a bunch of sound sleepers here!}, and gave myself a manicure. Last night I went through several bins of clothes in preparation for an upcoming garage sale. Tonight, I will go through another bin, work on my to-do list for tomorrow, with a little cross-stitching in between. {Since we canceled our DishNetwork, I've been watching TidalTV from time to time as well.} I like getting things done at night. Almost makes me feel like I've got a little jump-start on the next day. Besides that, tasks go a bit a whole lot faster without three children and a husband needing to be cared for!

Any other night-owls out there? Whadda ya like to do at night?


Stephanie said...

As you know, we share very similar sleep habits! :-) And my pasttimes are quite similar to yours. Something productive around the house with an occasional pleasure here or there.
No vacuuming aloud here though...I can't believe your kids can sleep through that!! Amazing!!

Rachel said...

That sounds so fun at your house! I just love when things are quiet. I really like to concentrate on reading and writing in the evenings.