Sunday, August 03, 2008

Party Notes + Giveaway

I survived our first ever kids-only party, thanks to the help of my uber wonderful hubby & my dear neighbor, the mom of one of our guests. She helped me hold down the fort for about half the time. I think that was about as much girly-energy as this house has ever seen. There was screaming, there was dancing, there was water-fun, there was one really happy birthday girl.

My personal pizza idea didn't go over as well as I expected. The girls *loved* making them, but they didn't get gobbled up like I thought they would. Maybe other girls don't love pizza {or homemade ones?} as much as my kids do. Or maybe the pizzas were just so big that they were scary. I don't know. The cupcakes on the other hand, I think are just beeeaauutiful. They look {at least to me} like they came from some NYC bakery. I think I will be making these often. I think they're pretty enough to bring to a gathering. Maybe with different pastel shades of frosting. The delicate sprinkles are just the right touch, yes?

They tasted as good as they looked, although one girl was just a frosting-eater & one girl told me that her & her other little friend "didn't really like them". {My ego was only slightly bruised.} The low-cost goodie bags came together nicely, thanks to my little creation, the Target dollar spot {pencils}, as well as a great CVS deal I happened to come upon right before the party. {I spent 1 penny on seven gargantuan Hershey's bars, a package of eight mini-Reese's and a 3-pack of Trident gum. Willy Wonka would be proud.} Total cost per goodie bag: about 50 cents, including the bag!

:: all dressed up & waiting to go ::

And in honor of all this party fun & frugal creativity, and since I'm sure you are tired of reading about the hair clips I thought I'd share some of the goodness here. I am giving away this pretty little thing:

Simply leave a comment with your favorite low cost party tip by midnight on Wednesday, August 6th & a random winner will be drawn and announced on Thursday.

Good luck, ya'll.

P.S. I've been playing with Photoshop to enhance the photos. Likey?


quitecontrary1977 said...

love the hair clips! my best cheap party idea: have a build-your-own sundae bar with store brand ice creams and toppers. no need for cakes or games with one of those around!

Erin said...

Ohhh...that is a great idea!!! The ice cream would go over really well in my home! of the best birthday's we ever had was at Chuck E.Cheese! I think the fact that I didn't have to clean up was kinda...fairy tale like!

I think that a "movie night" would be a good "cheap" birthday party! Especially with shows like the Hannah Montana concert and High School Musical!

And...although we don't have any birthday's coming up we are planning on doing a "olympic" celebration because this will be the first olympics that K1,K2 and K3 will remember.

I am EXCITED!!! Gotta love the Tivo too!!! If we start a bit late we can fast forward through the commercials! :)

Beth said...

We just had a birthday party over the weekend and I have to say, pool party at Grandma's house was wonderful! Instead of making a cake for the big crew we had or buying one (it would have been $40 or more) we opted for a cupcake cake from Walmart for $13.88. It was adorable and they gave us a little smasher cake for free!

I love the cupcakes, Becki! They look beautiful. The little clips are also very cute! We are clip-aholics here.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

"I just loved her party, can i go back tomorrow to tell T thank you!"
Quote from a party guest ;0)

I have started planning our little ones 3rd and we're having a big bash because it seems the past couple years shes kind of gotten jipped. I saved a lot by getting all the plates, invites, and a few decor things from ebay. I probably paid half the price I would have, maybe even more!! We also did the icecream sundae thing with my oldest dd, and it was a hit, plus soooo cheap!!
LOVE the cupcakes, I may need some help with ours! :0)

Peaceful Chaoz said...

OH And I would totally second Beths Pool Party idea, we do those OFTEN and its so nice because they kids just play in the pool, I don't even have to come up with games and stuff to pass the time!! ;0)

Stephanie said...

So glad I peeked in tonight!

We have our parties at home instead of renting a place.

And I always make the birthday cakes/cupcakes. I bought Jaedon's first birthday cake and realized what a MISTAKE that was! Seriously pricey compared to making my own!

Beth said...

I have another...

Thank you notes. Use a picture of your child at his/her party and upload it on (.33 cents a piece). It's more personal and way more cute than sending a plain thank you.

Okay, I am done.