Friday, August 22, 2008

A Frugal Find

In an attempt to change a certain behavior, I am giving myself some rewards along the way {kind of like a sticker chart for grown-ups}. My first reward? A hair cut {needed} and an eyebrow wax {the reward part}. Total cost: $11 {$10 for the cut + free wax with a coupon + $1 tip} . I discovered this great deal at a local beauty school. And I realized two things 1) part of your money at a salon pays for THE experience and 2) if you are willing to forego the experience, you can get yourself some great deals on beauty treatments. If you are interested, I went here. If you have never received beauty school treatments {this was my first time}, enjoy my candid information & tips based on my experience:

Make an appointment. This school accepts walk-ins, but only if they have enough students to accommodate. Otherwise, you'll be waiting.

Plan LOTS of time. It took nearly 2 hours for the cut & wax.

You are basically their practice. If you are overly fussy about your style, don't have a lot of patience, or have lots of disposable income, then this frugal find probably isn't for you. These students have been in classes for several months before they ever arrive at the cutting chair. The students have your cut approved by an instructor before they make the first snip. An instructor also double-checks the cut after the student is finished to see if any areas needed touching up. My cut did not.

This is NOT a spa. Remember: this is more like a college classroom than anything, hence sometimes the chatter & atmosphere reflects that.

Not only for cuts. The school I went to offers lots of services, basically anything you'd find at a full-service salon. So if you're too nervous to have them come at you with scissors, maybe a frugal manicure or pedicure would suit you. Highlights? Up-do for a special occasion? Take your daughter for a mommy/daughter treatment?

Will I go again? Most definitely! {My student was Mallory, in case you decide to go soon.} Ya just can't beat the price for some really great beauty treatments {unless of course you did it yourself......}

Ever received beauty school treatments? Got another frugal beauty find to share?


Erin said...

Ok...I want more info. I tried the website but it doesn't list the services and prices. Do you happend to have a site for that? This is a good idea for someone like me who doesn't like to wait for my very favorite beloved stylist who is so busy! And...I guess if you happend to like someone you can always reture to that same person over and over and over...well you get the idea!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Yep, I've gone to one when I was very young, I think it was actually elementary school to get a perm! It worked out nicely as far as I remember.
I have not tried this one yet, but have been wanting to, I just keep forgetting about it until someone reminds me again. This would be a good option since my favorite stylist whom I'm sure is the same as Erins, is usually booked solid!! And great tip for taking the little girls for a mommy and me day out a little cheaper!

Mon said...

I go to the beauty school in my town and I have received some of my best hair cuts there. Excluding the last one, the lady did an alright job, but she cut off way more than I wanted. I have gotten tons of compliments on it though, and I am getting used to working with my hair shorter. I would say 4 good cuts out of 5 aren't bad.

Rebecca said...

I don't have a site for the prices and unfortunately, I threw out the ad that I had for them. It was in the NWHerald. Some prices I do remember:

Hair cut: $10
Eye brow wax: $5
Manicure: $10
Pedicure: $12
Up-Do: $15

Spa Day {includes, I think, a hair cut, mani & pedi}: $25

I don't think anything was more than $30. Even highlights/color was only $20-ish. HTH!

Saralyn said...

Picture? I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

Andrea said...

I've had a few friends go through beauty school so while they were in, I always went to them. It's not quite the same thing because I was more trusting since they were my friend. But I did have my wedding party go to a beauty school to get their hair done with me. It worked out beautifully, acutally didn't take any longer, and it was really cheap.

I would say, if you are really particular about your hair or if it's a tricky cut, then don't do it. But if you can handle maybe not having a perfect cut, go for it. For pedicures, manicures,'s a great idea. Those things are not so visible.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Made my appointment today~ ;0)