Monday, July 16, 2007

Sew and Sew

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. I mean, A LOT. I have a handful of hobbies that go in rotation as far as what I am interested in for that season, but I always come back to them at some point. I guess this is the season for sewing {Sorry yarn & knitting needles}. Here is my most recent finished project:
The pattern is New Look 6556. The fabric was purchased at JoAnn's. I just love the way it turned out. I wanted it to be stylish, like something you would find in an upscale childrens' clothing store. I just made a straight size 3. As you can see on my model below, it is a little big now, but hopefully by spring it will be fitting much better:
I was super excited to be able to purchase a kit to make fabric buttons to match!That way, I could turn this...................................................into...........................................this!

Cool, eh? I think they make the coat look a little more professional ;>)

Next FO is a 4th of July-ish type dress that I made for the older Princess. She picked out the pattern, Simplicity 3902 and we labored together over choosing the fabric. I had to add the little red triangular pieces on the front since the fabric has a border at the bottom, so laying out the pattern was a little trickier & I came up a bit short. Here she is:

I think she likes how it twirls!

I am happy with how this one turned out as well. I love the colors! It has quite a few pieces which I am not used to & a zipper {double YUK}, but I am trying to improve my skills with each item I make.

The last thing I am working on is a Super Secret Birthday Project. It is so secret that I don't even have a picture of it! It is a ballgown-like dress for my sweetie's 6th birthday using Simplicity pattern 3943. It will be similar to the lavender dress on the model in the bottom photo. I picked dark pink fabrics. I was expecting all the 15 or so yards to cost me around $50, so I was tickled pink {literally} when the total was only around $25. I think it will be an exciting gift for a girl who already has too many toys & other clutter. I will try and post some in progress pictures when I can. I haven't decided whether I will give it to her on her actual birthday or the night before her party so she can wear it the next day. I guess it depends on how fast I sew!!


Beth said...

Cute coat, Becki. Can't wait to see the super secret b-day present.

Mon said...

I just love that coat! I wish I could sew like that. Maybe I just need a teacher. I learn best by seeing someone else work.