Monday, July 23, 2007

Another one

Meet tote number 2. I made this in honor of my mom's birthday. We didn't get to celebrate her actual birthday which was two weekends ago, so I made her a really nice birthday lunch {garden salad, grilled ribeye, garlic roasted green beans, sauteed mushrooms & onions, and creme brulee with fresh raspberries for dessert ~ in case you were wondering}. I spent several hours on Saturday putting this bad boy together....nothing like waiting til the last minute for inspiration to hit. The fabric is very "Mom" and this time around I added black topstitching along the bottom panel and made super-reinforcements where I attached the handles. I realized this probably isn't necessary & know what I will do different the next time. The purple fabric perfectly matches the purple centers on the flowers, which I love. I debated about using a green solid fabric, but the colors in the black pattern are a bit more BRIGHT in real life & lime green just didn't seem to suit. This time I made sure the bottom purple panels lined up when I sewed the outer side seams together. I am getting more proficient with each one I make. Number three is already cut & I am going to try to do a machine embroidered initial on the outside & a zippered pocket on the inside. I am amazed at all the little things I learn with each new project I undertake. I *so* enjoyed having my mom-in-law visit on Saturday and review all my sewing projects. She complimented & critiqued and gave me lots of new wisdom on how to make my work sturdier and more professional. She really is a true kindred spirit when it comes to all things crafty. I am good company as she enjoys many different types of crafts. I know you don't even know about blogs, but thanks Mom-in-law!!

On that note, does anyone out there like to sew? Does anyone want to learn? Just want to see if I have any IRL sewing buddies wink {figured I'd better use at least one of my new emoticons, eh?}


Beth said...

I love it, Becki! VERY cute! What girl doesn't like or need another purse?!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking as usual!!!!!

Erin said...

I don't know how to sew...yet! I would love to learn as I have seen so many fabrics that I just adore....(I bought a new tadpoles in jars-Heather Ross fitted yesterday for Kendell). My sister Leah is actually going to buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it. She was inspired by my grandma and by some of the things that I buy. Anyways...good job! Keep them coming.

You know you could make a simpler library bag. I always love a nice bag for our library books...perhaps others would too!

Mon said...

Regarding your question about learning to sew. I am a very beginner. I get frusterated easily, but your projects inspire me a lot. The things you make are so cute! I may just think about giving it another try someday. Lately I have had the urge to learn to knit. I bought a pair of knitting needles a few days ago. My brother-in-law knits and told me he would teach me if I brought some needles and yarn.