Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dear Sir....

To an Unknown Capron Resident:

You could've just asked. You didn't have to come in the middle of the night & back your truck up through my front yard to steal some of the gravel I had delivered for my backyard. This gravel is for my children's play area. It was like you were stealing candy from a baby. Did you think I wouldn't notice the tire tracks you left in my grass or the coffee cup you littered onto my lawn? Was it really necessary? I would've been happy to tell you how to get some for a low cost. My husband works in the aggregate industry for gravel's sake. The least you could've done was left a note explaining your desperation & maybe a $20 bill. I hope you are happy.

Rebecca, a couple buckets short of 1/2 a ton


Erin said...

Oh that sucks! Hopefully those were the few buckets you would have had extra with no place to put them! If so...perhaps he was doing you a favor...if now...grab some stones and start THROWING!!! I am sure whoever it was is somewhat close to you or he/she(probably a he;) ) wouldn't have known about the gravel.

If you break a few windows blame it on the pregnancy hormones!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was your house?! My bad. I'll bring some by this weekend.