Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Eats & Artisan Bread

Still-recovering-from-nausea Foodie here! I *so* missed being able to read about food & actually enjoy it! I was kinda living vicariously through several food blogs, since I've been unable to cook as much as I'd like and eat as much as I'd like. {Sure helps with the pregnancy weight gain though!} Here are two of the bloggy kitchens {complete with mini-reviews} you'll find me in on any given day:

Smitten Kitchen : I nearly moved into this kitchen for awhile there. The food photography is just downright amazing, not to mention the recipes seeming downright delicious! A "must" for any food-lover.

Simply Recipes: I've been slowly changing my cooking style from somewhat purist/pretentious to a little more simple. *Gasp*, I know. Great straightforward {a.k.a. uncomplicated} yet creative recipes of all types, neatly organized into different categories, and nicely photogged. Perfect.

Speaking of good eats, yesterday morning I made this:

Even I'm impressed with myself. I made it following this recipe. Seriously. No kneading! It totally fits into my new "simpler is better" philosophy. My old-fashioned grandma could not believe that all you need is 1/4 t. of yeast. For anyone who bakes, you'll know that that is a crazy amount, barely any at all! It's an artisan-style bread, crusty on the outside, slightly chewy yet tender on the inside. You can't really cut it into neat slices because of the open craggy interior. It's more of a tear-it-by-hand type loaf.

I loved it slightly warm, spread with butter. A tiny drizzle of honey would've been the proverbial cherry on top, but alas, I was all out. The second loaf is fermenting as we speak for baking off tomorrow. So super simple & super yummy to boot. Two thumbs up from the kiddos as well!

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad you did this and posted about it. I have been trying to get my stuff together to make this happen since I first borrowed Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day from the library. I have since borrowed it 3 more times, reading all of it but not actually making the bread yet. Glad to hear it works. idk what my problem is. Oh right, sickness and never being home long enough to think, and the usual. I'm going to do it though. Next Friday on my day off perhaps. Thanks, friend! Glad you are feeling better about food these days. I hear pregnancy nausea is no fun!