Monday, February 02, 2009

What a Quarter {or a couple} Will Buy

All of these deals were found at my local Wal-Mart. I think one of the best things we can do as saavy grocery shoppers is to know where, in each store we shop at, the discount groceries are located. For example, at my Wal-Mart, the clearance groceries are found in the "Seasonal" aisle and at Woodman's the discounted items are in shopping carts at the front of the store and in carts in the produce section. What's even better is if you have a coupon for an already deeply clearanced product; it usually means free or next to free!

So, even in today's economy, a quarter can buy more than just a gumball from a vending machine. See:

:: Crystal Light On-the Go Packs - 25 cents ::

:: Big Bag of stuffing - 50 cents ::

:: 4 pound bags of sugar - $1 ::

:: Ground Fair Trade Coffee - $2 ::

Not pictured:
Generic Crystal Light Drink Mix - 25 cents {!!!}
Dented Box of Pasta - 50 cents
Gatorade Mix {for Hubs} - $1

The craziest deal was probably the Crystal Light On-the-Go Packs. Even the check-out ladies were Oohing and Aahing, when I was paying. It's not something I normally buy as they are too expensive for my budget at $2.50 per box. I figured since I am pregnant & drinking a lot more, especially on the go, they will come in quite handy. {Oh, and I bought some for a friend too!} The rest are all items I would've bought sometime in the near future, so it really is a long-term savings for my budget. All my goods will go hang-out in my basement pantry until I'm ready for them.


Erin said...

I hope you aren't planning to put those together as a meal! :)

Rebecca said...

Ha! Not much I can with all that, unless you plan on coming over for coffee &....stuffing?

Erin said...

I was thinking WOW now that would be a caffeine high! But I guess the carbs in the stuffing would offset that!

Beth said...

Awesome deals!!

Christin said...

Wow girl. Can I be like you when I grow up? *wink* Love your deal-finding ways.