Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slim Down Sundays: Simple Changes

Anyone else out there still doing Slim Down Sundays? Or my version, which is just tryin' to stay healthy! I thought I'd share my latest technique for taking baby steps & making small, but meaningful changes in my life. I originally came up with this idea as it pertains to keeping my eating habits in check, but it is applicable in every facet of life! It's as simple as this: too much, too little. What things am I eating too much of that aren't quite good choices? What things am I eating too little of that I need to include more often? This week's baby steps were:

Too much: sugar
Too little: water

How easy was that? I think sometimes I tend to make way too many goals & get overwhelmed by all the things I need to change. So, I am simplifying. I cut back the sugar in my tea & replaced it with mostly Splenda. I drank more fluids by bringing my water bottle with me whenever I left the house & filling up my cup as often as possible. It was an improvement! What about you? What have you been doing too much of and too little of that you can change this next week? Too much internet/TV? Too little Bible time? Too much yelling? Too little romance time with the husband?

I'd love to know any baby step goals you're making for this next week!

P.S. My pregnancy & other health updates will mostly be on my other blog, Chronicles of an Almost Healthy Foodie. Feel free to stop by for a visit!


Erin said...

Yes!!! I am *trying* to still do slim down sundays! I have been SO busy that even getting to my blog is difficult and that really only takes 10 minutes tops. I think your idea for simple ideas is great. Mine should be-
Less-ice cream

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Whats the saying? Less is More!! I like this and actually have always thought your way of "healthifying" was the simpler the better, and I liked that you could do that!

I couldn't think of one yet for the present but here is one that I have been working on this past month...
To much~ Criticalness of myself
To little~ Godly discipline

Christin said...

You and I are on the same track! I've recently tried to take most sugar out of my diet...and am trying to drink water (with a few drops of flavored Stevia) all day long.

Because before, I was eating WAY too much sugar and most likely walking around constantly dehydrated. not so good when nursing my baby, huh?

I'm afraid that I could write a luh-ong list of all the "too much" and "too little"s in my life. Way too long.