Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty, Boy with a Basket & Blessings

How's that for a post title? Guess no one is too interested in Baked Potato Soup, eh? Meh. I guess my feelings are only hurt a little. {*giggle*} Here's a couple snapshots of my day:

:: before ::

:: after ::

Does anyone else cut their own childrens' hair? I am just too frugal to fork over $10-$15 {times each kid} for a kid's hair cut. I really need to get some sort of book or find a website for cutting girls' hair. Suggestions? I think for the first major cut {just trims up until now}, I did not half bad. Sienna got hers cut as well, but it was more of a trim. I nearly freaked out after making Tatiana's first cut, but I know it will grow back. It was just soooo long and straggly looking and very high-maintenance. Hopefully this shorter do will be a little more brush-n-go.

And since this somewhat fits under the beauty category, here was my score at Wal-greens today:

Total OOP: $1.13 for the tax and one candy bar.

I plan to go back to get 2 more free Garnier products, since they were limiting to 2 per day. I *so* want to do the
Huggies deal, but unfortunately they only had 2 Gentle Care products instead of the 3 I needed. I was so bummed. I may try a different store later in the week, but think because of the popularity, I may have a hard time succeeding. I'm trying to do more Wal-greens/CVS deals, even if it's just one or two a month, to keep my stockpile going for myself and any other families that may need it. It can kind of be a pain to collect all the coupons & research the deals, but I think of it as my opportunity to possibly bless others. Guess it fits in the blessings category too!

Now for my boy.

That's my handsome son, concentrating hard on putting raisins into a little toy basket. He loves this basket. Go figure. I think because it's just his size & opens and closes. I've been sitting him in the booster seat from time to time, instead of in his high chair and he looks like such a big boy! Kinda makes me sad and happy all at the same time. He got so excited when he saw the camera. What a little ham!

And finally, here's a wonderful blessing that was given to me by a lady in my small group:

It's a basket filled with fancy shampoo, conditioner, Bath & Body Works hand soap, a body loofah, and a bag of chocolates {yum!}. She had won it as a door prize for something & passed it along to me, saying in a lovely card that she knows how hard pregnancy can be and wanted me feel pampered a little! It made me feel so special and like God cares about even the little things, like me. wink

Hope your week is filled with blessings both big and small alike!


Stephanie said...

We definitely do our own haircuts!! My mom always cut the entire family's (siblings, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) hair when I was growing up, so it was just natural for me to follow suit and do the same. (though I only cut my husband's and children's.) I think girls with straight hair is so much harder (like Audrey and your girls) because I feel like I can see every imperfection as it's hanging down her back/neck. I'm sure you did fine though.

And the way I look at it, even if you do a crappy job, it's hair and it will grow back out. Thank God for that - because we've had some doosies!

Erin said...

Nope, nadda, not us! I do NOT cut my own girls hair! It is a bad idea for me!!! I can't cut a piece of paper in a straight line...much less my childrens hair!

Saralyn said...

I liked your potato soup; I'm making it for dinner on Tuesday.

I've been cutting my kids' and my husband's hair for years. When my eldest was a baby I bought a pair of dog shears with rounded tips wo I wouldn't cut off his ear! Now I go to Sally and buy middle of the road shears and toss them when they get dull. The boys get a "summer cut" come May so all I have to do is buzz them for 3 months. The book Cutting Your Family's Hair, by Gloria Handel, has been very helpful. Try seeing if your library has it.

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Lets see, the potato soup looked yummy but no one in my family except me likes it sooo, it will just look yummy. ;0)

Hair cuts are done by Nana. She does an awesome job on the boys hair. So far selahs hair it has grown perfectly if you can imagine so she hasn't had one yet! But savannah has such thick hair that the couple of times I have tried to cut it it has not looked great soooo, we pay to have done, just don't pay a lot! :0)

Saralyn said...

Hey, Becki, you got me thinking about haircutting again with this post and I checked out a few videos at the library. The ones I got were rather dated but gave precise instructions and demonstrations on cutting hair. Look for "How to Cut Your Child's Hair" with Michael Herber.