Friday, September 26, 2008

Something I've Never Heard

Somehow the "sickies" decided to pay a visit to my home. You know the ones: runny nose, body chills, head-feels-like-its-in-a-fog-and-gonna-explode. Of course, my body is the place where the sickies decided to throw their party. Hubby keeps sayin' that he is starting to feel run down too, to which I respond that that just isn't allowed. Only one of us is permitted to be sick at one time. Period. What's worse is that my weekend is chock full of plans, with very little wiggle room to allow for sickness. I'm still not sure what/if I will cancel anything. We did have plans with another dear family for this morning for friendship & fun. When I spoke with the wife the other day to give her a heads up that I wasn't feeling well and would feel terrible getting her family ill {especially her 6 week old baby}, she said something I've never heard before.

Don't let that stop you from fellowshipping with us.

HUH?! EXCUSE ME?! Don't you mean, "Thanks for letting me know because I wouldn't want to come within 20 feet of a sick person lest they spread their germs to my kids," ?? She continued to say that as long as I was feeling up to the activities we had planned {I wasn't} that I wasn't to worry about such things. Even as I type this, I am still left feeling deeply loved and humbled by the kind of perspective that she would have to have to make such a statement. I know many friends whose children are perhaps more susceptible to illness, so please don't feel as if I'm passing judgment on that. I simply thought it remarkable {albeit unusual} to hear such a response. I. felt. blessed.

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