Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foodie Books

Without subscription TV, there is plenty of time for other worthwhile pursuits, such as: reading! I have been devouring {pun intended} foodie books lately. First there was French Women Don't Get Fat. I will probably have to devote an entire post to this book, why I love it so much & why I think every woman should read it. It has changed the way I think about food & eating. This is not a diet book or diet plan, but rather a "food relationship" guide/memoire. I would share with hubster some of her food/eating philosophies, at which he would poke fun at me a little for wanting to follow them. Rest assured, I am the one getting the last laugh.

Next came Garlic & Sapphires, the chronicles of Ruth Reichl, the renowned food critic for the New York Times. She used to have to don various disguises to visit restaurants incognito providing for lots of introspection and laughs a plenty. Funny stuff. Restaurant reviews included!

Then there was The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry. Being a self-proclaimed Francophile, I looked forward each night to getting lost in the streets of Paris or the antics of students and Chefs at the Cordon Bleu. Great inspiring personal memoire/cooking school story, reminding me that it's never too late to be what you might have been. I will, no doubt, read this one more than once.

Currently on the nightstand is The Reach of a Chef. It only made sense that I would read it, having already read two of Ruhlman's other books: The Making of a Chef & The Soul of a Chef. I am finding this one to be the hardest to "get into". I don't know if it's foodie book burn-out {as if!} or just that it's a different kind of book. It chronicles his research to find out how Chefs have revolutionized the food industry & how we think about food. I guess I enjoy the more "story"-type of books, so this one may take some getting used to.

I think next on the list is going to be The Man Who Ate Everything. I'll let ya know how it turns out :>)

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Andrea said...

Glad you posted some foodie books. This is not a genre (subject area?) that I really read much of cause I'm too busy reading other things most of the time. But it is definetely popular and this will be so helpful to me when people ask for a recommendation. Keep the reviews coming! I love reading them!