Monday, September 29, 2008

Frugal Love

Hubby and I have, as of late, been returning to the "first things" in our relationship. You know. All the little acts of love and kindness that you express to show you are head-over-heels for another person, which, somehow frequently get lost along the road called marriage. I have received several cards in the mail from my Beloved over the past few weeks, complete with little romantic sketches inside {something Hubster would frequently do while we were dating}. So in an attempt to keep things frugal on my part, here is the little card set I created for him:

I made the envelope as well, using a template I found online. I reduced the size by 50% so that it would fit into his wallet & used a sticker to close the envelope. {You could also probably use a tiny bit of double-stick tape as well}. The card was made from leftover scrapbooking supplies. Perfect for all those really small scraps! I think I'm gonna make about 10 or so at once to use whenever the mood strikes! I scheduled a text message to be sent to him while he was out, including the location of my little surprise.

Total cost: $.10 for the text message {free if your plan includes them}


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Ummm, ok totally a God thing I think, because I just planned this weekend to start having Marriage Monday!! Frugal ideas to keep your marriage alive! Great start and fun ideas!! :0)

Brittany said...

It seems to be the theam for blogs today!! I am getting a lot of good ideas!! i just had the thought over the weekend "Wow I miss my hubby, I want to do something special for him". Well thanks to you and a few other lady's I now can put some ideas to use!!