Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend in Review

We spent the weekend here. It's our favorite family vacation spot because there's lots to do at the resort, it's not too far from home {2 hour drive}, and it's pretty cost effective {especially in this case since Grandpa & Grandma paid for our stay}. The weather was decent, of course being the nicest on the day we left. We had lots of water fun. I got to go down a big tube slide with my dad & even talked Tatiana into going down a tamer one with me. She made me pray for her right before we got on the ride! I had lots of opportunities to practice successful thinking & kept trying to make the best of things, repeatedly telling myself that at least I don't have to cook or clean or do laundry! That surely kept it all in perspective. I was reminded of the difficulty of traveling with a baby. {Maybe the more you do it, the more you get used to it?} You don't have all the necessary baby items handy, his schedule was completely out of whack, plus he was trying to sleep in a foreign place with a foreign bed. Hubster & I kind of took turns caring for the little spud and just did the best we could. Today though, I am thankful for home sweet home. Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend!


Peaceful Chaoz said...

Sounds like fun (sort of;0) Makes me really appreciate not having a baby now, lol! But the rest of it looks fun anyway! The girls suits are adorable! :0)

Stephanie said...

Looks like fun.

And I feel like, the more you do it, traveling with a baby does get easier.-Maybe because you learn what exactly to expect or know how to pack better or - maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part because I don't really have a choice ;-)

Anyway, so glad you had fun. What I would do to play in some water with my daughter. (Audrey dispises any water beside the bathtub or waterhose...)