Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinqo Meses

My sweet boy is five months old today! Five months old on 05/05! My, how the time has passed. He is still not rolling over yet {does he even lay down long enough to practice?}, but he's eating like it's goin' out of style! He loves him some good baby cereal & organic baby food. He is still nursing & *refuses* to take a bottle. Go figure. He has some bad eczema issues & scratches himself up when he is stressed. He wakes up some mornings lookin' like he had a little baby battle in there. Speaking of sleep, at his four month check-up, his pediatrician indicated that he should be able to sleep 12-14 hours at a time at night. Well you can bet that I got workin' on that: PRONTO. Especially considering he was waking up about 3-4 times a night up until that point {for four. long. months.}! Project Sleep only took about 2 nights to get him to sleep for about 10-12 hours at a stretch between nursings. If I thought it would be so easy, I'd a done it much sooner. His sisters still adore him & the novelty has lasted much longer than any Christmas present has. He loves his jump-a-roo {as we call it} & really likes his chupy {pacifier}. Sebastian went for his first walk in the stroller earlier this month and first time in the baby swing in the backyard. As if he wasn't growing fast enough, he woke up this morning with two brand new teeth! I still can't hardly believe it.

Happy five months Buddy, Spuddy, Spudicus! I *love* watching you grow, but won't mind if you slow it down a little ;>)


Stephanie said...

Wow! He's gotten so much bigger since the last time I saw you guys!

So glad for you that he is sleeping through the night!! I was blessed with sleepers early on and it's truly a WoNdErFuL thing when they get there!

We'll definitely have to get together soon.

Christin said...

I'm SOOO glad to hear he's sleeping like that!! Time to REST for Mamma! :)

happybunny said...

Happy five months little one xx