Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taking the Good with the Bad

Isn't that a lot of what life is about? I am really trying to be a woman of grace, one who realizes that life can't always be mountain top living, accepting the bad as it comes. I thoroughly appreciate that some of life's best and most valuable lessons are learned in the valley. On top of some recent lessons regarding relationships, I've now been dealt some physical blows. I had been having a few problems with my hands falling asleep. First it was just at night. I would actually have to hang my arm over the side of the bed to get the circulation back. I chalked it up to sleeping on it wrong. Then it would happen after prolonged use of the computer mouse AND while driving AND while using the treadmill AND while knitting, to the point where I couldn't even feel the needles anymore. Another curious symptom arose where I would get a tingling sensation going down my neck. I knew something was really wrong. So I visited my step-mom's wellness clinic and had a diagnosis done with a chiropractor. I was shocked to learn that I have this in both arms. I also have this. I had both of my wrists "adjusted", which was a less than pleasant experience. It sounds like I have a lot of therapy ahead of me and am committed to taking better care of my body. This whole thing is stressing me out though, which is why I haven't been blogging as much. Not to mention a baby who nurses a lot and only cat naps during the day, still waking several times at night. Valley living, ya'll.


Anna said...

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the title pop up in the drop down box. I am so sorry. "Men surround themselves with money, power, and wordly possessions thinking they will live pleasantly. On the contrary, man draws on his own character to add the element of joy to the things that surround him. Men bear poverty, exile, old age, in proportion to the serenity of their character." I read that yesterday and I was instantly convicted. It's all in our attitude and the way in which we take life as it's thrown at us. We cannot control the things of this life, but we can control our reaction to them. It sounds like you're taking it very well girl. Good for you! What an example you are setting for you children!!! Let me know how I can be praying for you.

Anna said...

P.S. You can do ALL things through HIM who strengthens you!!!

Christin said...

I had some pretty strange things happen in my body in the months following the birth of my last baby. Tingling extremeties. Numbing. Hot flash type things. Etc Etc Etc.

But rest assured, it does go away. At least it did with me. Your body has just been through a LOT. Not to mention the lack of sleep, roller coaster weight thing, and the fact that your now closely resembling a cow. *wink*

I'm sure with the added help of a chiropractor, you'll be back to new in no time. *hugs*

Rebecca said...

Anna: Thanks for all your prayers. I had an MRI done this week, which confirmed some bone spurring in my spine and some bulging of the disks. I will know more when I receive a complete report. I do hope that other people can see His light in my life despite my circumstances and believe that He can do amazing things in their lives as well.

Christin: I actually met someone at the doctor's office who had carpal tunnel as well & it "mysteriously" disappeared about a year after she gave birth. From what I hear it is actually a common pregnancy related system. Maybe I will have to stop having babies for mine to be cured. *wink* Thanks for the thoughts & hugs!