Thursday, March 06, 2008

CVS Time!

I tried my hand at all this CVS commotion that I've been reading about. I was really excited to try this, as it seems sort of like a puzzle, getting the coupons & deals & ECBs to all work together, and I love puzzles!! I sorta felt a little sneaky, like I was trying to buck the system & one of my nearest & dearest friends shared that she felt the same way, which I think is sorta comical. At first I was skeptical and didn't really want to invest $$ in some system that I'm not sure would work. But, three things convinced me.

One: I would only plan on making a small initial investment, like $20 or less. Enough to get the ball rolling, so to speak, but not enough to
bust my budget. I would try to squeeze this into my newly reduced grocery budget of $75/week.

Two: If after my first few trips, if I didn't think I would want to continue, I would just spend my ECBs on grocery type items that I would normally buy, therefore not really spending any extra money & still getting all the items that earned those ECBs for "free".

Three: I will look as this as a ministry opportunity by donating any items I don't think I'll use to Rockford Rescue Mission or another local charity. I can even roll over my ECBs and buy things that I know I won't use, just so I can donate them. I want to call RRM and another local womens' shelter to see what types of donations they can really benefit from. I encourage this mindset to tho
se of you that are hesitant to try this, but don't think you could really benefit. I'm sure there are many others out there who could. Maybe you can't afford to give much money or loads of time, but who can resist shopping in the name of the Lord?? LOL!

Ok. So on to the details! Things did not go as I had planned {isn't there a Bible verse about this?}, but I was able to think on my feet and adjust my purchases. I had a limited amount of time, which was good in a way, since I had to just find what I planned & be done with it.

Transaction #1

Venus Razor 9.99 {6 ECBs}

Dove Dark Chocolate 1.99 {1 ECB} ~ Just because it looked yummy & DD #2 loves chocolate!
3 Lypsyl 8.97 {8.97 ECBs}

CVS $4/$20 coupon

Venus $
4 coupon
Total OOP: $13.94

Transaction #2
Old Spice Deoderant 2.49

5 Colgate Total 14.95 {14.95 ECBs}

Old Spice $2 coupon

$14.97 ECBs from Trans #1

Total OOP: $.63
ECBs to use for next visit: $15.95

I originally planned on getting the Oral B toothbrushes and some Hershey's Easter candy that I had coupons for, but they were ALL OUT of BOTH!! I also got the last three Lypsyls. I guess I will have to hit different CVSs or go on a different day. God is really amazing because after I went for groceries this week, I had only $12 left. I then found an extra $3 in my wallet. I also received my $4/$20 coupon yesterday morning to help with my purchases. And wouldn't ya know it, my total OOP came to $14.57!! I had 43 cents left to spare ;>) I forgot to scan my card when I first got to the store, so I probably missed out on another good deal, but I will remember next time. I also didn't realize that the ECBs print for each item and can be used separately. I thought they printed for a total on each transaction. This will help me plan my next trip. Now I can't wait til Saturday to buy Sunday's paper. We will be in Chicago this weekend & you can bet that I already know where the nearest CVS is {and of course where the nearest fabric store is: right across the street from my dad's condo, wouldn't ya know}! For more good CVS deals, check in with MoneySavingMom & don't miss my friend Steph's CVS deals either ;>)

If you CVS, do you find that it's better to get the monthly deals towards the end of the month, figuring that everyone else grabs them at the beginning?


Stephanie said...

Great job! And God is good like that, isn't He!

I bought the last five lypsyl chapsticks at my store too. And for the monthly specials, I went at the VERY beginning of the month and had to ask for the toothpaste. The store manager couldn't even find the toothbrushes and nothing was labeled. They hadn't even started on the monthly deals, they were still working on the weekly ones. But last month, I waited until the end of the month and they were all sold out. I will just be checking each week when I go for the weekly deals and check if they have monthly ones available.

And your point #3 hit my reason right on the head! I have bought (or spent my ECBs) on NUMEROUS "free" tubes of toothpaste -that Josh and I wouldn't be able to use up in a year...or even two...- but I plan on donating them at VBS. Last year, my parents' church's VBS asked for donations to fill Christmas shoe boxes later in the year. And I also worked the items that I bought for Josh's sister into my ECB deals for things that they can't necessarily afford right now. Even above saving money for my family, it's the most rewarding part of it all! And there are always opportunities to share our blessings God has given to us!

Peaceful Chaoz said...

Excellent!! I told Steph that this was very addicting! But a good addiciton since we're saving money huh!!

BTW When I asked at Walgreens a couple weeks ago (cause I do the Walgreens deals too) they said they have a truck come in twice a week so I would imagine CVS might be similar. You just have to catch when all those other cvsers are getting other things. I'm out for the toothbrushes this week so i'm kinda glad your going to chicago,lol ;0)