Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Crafts

Here's a couple easy crafts that don't require a sewing machine {shocking, I know} that are tried and true:

::Bunny Racers::
Guess that Bunny on the right ate a little too much chocolate & is feeling tipsy from his sugar high!

These were featured in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine. You will need: marshmallow Peeps, ho-hos, frosting, life savers and skittles or m & m's. Everything will be attached with the frosting. Use the life savers as the wheels and steering wheel. Add the skittles for the headlights and they can also be added as the hubcaps for the wheels. Stick a Peep on for your driver & you're all set. I had some mini Cadbury eggs laying around that I thought would be cute stuck behind the Peep-driver, but my mom said we have enough candy as it was. OVERRULED! So cute & great kid craft. Best of all is that they can eat their creations ;>)

::Croc Doo-dads::

I don't know what else to call these. My mom surprised us by making two sets for the girls. I love 'em so much. They are little buttons that fit into the holes on your Crocs. Basically you will only need three supplies: a 1/2" button, a decorative shank button, and a needle and thread. Securely attach the shank button to the 1/2" button by sewing them to one another several times.

::I tried to capture the underside so you could see how the button is attached::

They don't have to be super tight together or else it might be a little difficult to get them into the shoe. Then you just fit the 1/2" button into one of the holes on your shoe and voila:

{Ignore the semi-dirty shoe & just focus on the cute doo-dads!}

These would make a cute addition to put in your eggs for your Easter hunt or basket {if you participate in that sorta thing}!

P.S. I've been trying to post a little more, as suggested by a friend lately who enjoys my blog, but says I need to update more regularly. I hope you're still reading ;>)


Mon said...

Thanks for this post! This is a great Easter gift idea for my daughter. I hope I can find some pretty buttons when I go to the store today.

Anonymous said...

I am still reading!!!!!