Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Getaway

This weekend Hubs & I enjoyed a mini-getaway in honor of our anniversary. We have been staying at the same little inn in Indiana for quite a few years, although every once and awhile we do shake things up a bit. This year we went back to our spot there, the Spring House Inn. I paid for a standard room, but due to a mix-up was given a jacuzzi suite! We loved the jacuzzi, but the downside was that this room was smoking. YUK. I almost couldn't take it, but eventually adjusted nicely.

So there you have it! And now you have seen my 32 week belly. I am so glad there are only a few more weeks left to go. Hubs & I enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster on Saturday night {can you believe I saved a gift card since last Christmas??} and a movie, Rendition, following. On Sunday we did some shopping at the huge outlet mall in Michigan City, getting some much needed clothes for myself & a few things for the children. {I also managed to hit the local Jo-Ann's for some fabric & supplies!}

We each bought a magazine to enjoy since we both love to read & I also brought along my very first copy of Ottobre that I received in the mail earlier in the week. I ordered the Autumn 2006 issue as it had the most designs I would be interested in. I disciplined myself not to open the envelope until we arrived at our getaway destination. I can't wait to make something from this. The patterns are so modern & European chic!

The fall colors weren't as fall-ish as they usually are. Everything was still pretty green, which was kind of a bummer. I was wishing everything would've looked like this. Maybe it has something to do with the weather? I know God is a busy guy so maybe He's forgotten to turn the thermostat down {said tongue-in-cheek}! Eighty degrees in late October??? By last night I was missing the girls and ready to come home. Although we both *so* enjoyed getting away & reconnecting, I love being back together as a family & in the comforts of my little home.

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