Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our First Date

October 14, 1996

A mutual friend had introduced us about one month before this date. Rick was presented as captain of the college soccer team that our friend was on. I remember my first impression was that he was very genuine, but kind He seemed to make really great conversation and really was interested in what I had to say. I remembered that on our first meeting he grabbed my hand to take me to the foosball table so we could play with some other friends of ours. After talking several times, Rick casually mentioned a movie he wanted to see.

Me: "Oh, yeah. I know that one." {I had no clue what movie he was talking about.}

So we made plans to see it, shortly after I returned from a trip to Florida. I thought about him during the trip, which I found somewhat strange since we had never even had an official date. I even remember writing his name in the sand....

The evening of our date we went to his parents house for dinner. I remember it was leftover KFC. {Romantic, eh?} Then we went to see the aforementioned movie, The Ghost in the Darkness. I remember him holding my hand & me thinking, "What are you doing?? Do you even want to be more than friends with this guy?" Then I would let go of his hand. Then I would hold it again. {Insert typical can't-make-up-her-mind female here.} I remember "pretending" to be scared throughout the movie.

That's about all I remember about our first date. Nothing earth-moving happened. Just two people beginning to chart a course together for some unknown final destination. God's plan was revealed when we were engaged 9 months later. I guess you could say it all started on this same date, 11 years ago. Seems like forever has passed and yet it seems like it wasn't that long ago, all at the same time.

Here's to happy memories ;>)

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Alisa said...

Rebecca, thanks for sharing your story! It's a sweet one.