Friday, October 19, 2007

Pregnancy: a Review

I don't really talk much about my pregnancy, so I thought I'd share a few of the highlights with ya'll. Here goes:

33 Days since LMP: I start to suspect I am pregnant. I've charted my cycles in the past & they have never been longer than 31 days.

5-6 Weeks since LMP: I'm sure I'm pregnant now. Too much time has gone by since the last cycle. I am hoping I can make it until Mother's Day without telling anyone! I think all the laying on the couch every evening because of early nausea symptoms might give it away.....

7 Weeks Preggo: Hubster gets suspicious. I just answer all his questions with "Don't worry about it." He can NOT wait to find out & buys me a pregnancy test. I take the test while he is mowing the grass. Positive! When he comes in the house, I have the girls sitting in my lap & a big posterboard sign with "#3" on it and and arrow pointing towards my belly. Hubster is excited!! He has off of work the next day so we make the rounds announcing the news. I bring the sign along & that is how we make our official announcement. Other people that we could not visit I call & tell them that Sienna is going to be a big sister. Everyone is so happy for us.

7 Weeks - 20ish Weeks Preggo: Sickness. Nausea. Every. Night. At least it doesn't start until 4ish, which means Hubster can take over the fort when he arrives home. Can't really go anywhere at night. No small group. No dinner plans. Nothing helps. Keep telling self that it will all be over soon & that the end result will be so worth it!

13 Weeks Preggo: Doctor can not find the baby's heartbeat. She schedules an ultrasound for the next day. It is a really, really long night...............Ultrasound shows that the baby is just fine! Although it is quite early to tell, ultrasound tech is 95% sure that it is a BOY!!

20 Weeks Preggo: It's confirmed. WE'RE HAVING A BOY!! Families are sooo happy. He will join my two nephews on Hubby's side of the family & is the first grandson on my side. We are also informed that I have partial placenta previa which will need to be monitored. If the placenta doesn't move then I will have to have a c-section.

20ish Weeks Preggo: Hubster wakes up in the morning telling me that a name just "came to him" in the middle of the night last night. He wasn't even thinking about names, he just was awoken to have the name come to his mind. OK. Must be a God thing. He tells me the name: Sebastian. It wasn't on my list of names, but I am sure that is what God wants us to name our son. We start telling everyone his name & the most popular response is, "But what are you going to call him for short?"

28 Weeks Preggo: Praise God, another ultrasound reveals that the placenta has moved out of the way! No need to worry about c-section {for now}. I take the 1-hour glucose test. I shouldn't be concerned as I have never failed a glucose test before.....

30 Weeks Preggo: GLUCOSE TEST FAILED. Normal value is 140 or under. Mine was 159. This means I will have to take the 3 hour test. I am also told that according to the last ultrasound, this is a BIG baby. He is weighing in at 3 pounds 8 ounces {as of 28 weeks}. Doctor tells me that this will need to be monitored & could mean a possible early induction to make sure he doesn't get really huge. I am measuring 32 weeks.

31 Weeks Preggo: I take the 3-hour test. Either the phlebotomist is a rookie or the fasting/not drinking enough is causing my veins to be difficult to draw. She does the insides of both of my arms. On the third draw she's going for the top of my hand & when the blood starts drawing, my body freaks out. In about 5 seconds time I tell her that I am really "not feeling good", then it gets bad. I feel like I am going to throw up & pass out. I start sweating & seeing stars. Literally. She calls the doctor over & they lay me upside down in the chair. I end up laying in a hospital bed with oxygen up my nose until the final blood draw. I shed a couple tears because I feel so ridiculous & embarassed. This was just routine, I figured. I have to call my mom to come pick me up from the doctor's office. I'm glad it's over.

32 Weeks Preggo: I do NOT have gestational diabetes. Two abnormal values are needed for this diagnosis; I do, however, have one abnormal value. Doctor informs me that most women with one abnormal value have larger than average babies. I will probably have to have yet another {my 4th} ultrasound to monitor baby's growth. This {different} doctor tells me that she does not do inductions before 39 weeks. {What would be the point of inducing then anyways?} I am now measuring 35 weeks.

And that's my pregnancy story, thusfar. Seems like ever time I have a doctor's visit they should be asking me, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" Surely this will all be over soon. Just have to hang in there a few more weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!


Alisa said...

Nice play by play. I love reading about pregnancy/babies!

I was measuring large with my last one too, and she was big (imo) - 9lbs 8 oz.

The fact that you are having a boy might be why you are bigger too...? Have you been eating as if you do have G.D.? ie: special diet?

Are you going to post a pic of yourself soon?

Hope my comment makes sense -- I'm typing one-handedly with a wiggglllyy baby on my lap :-)

Beth said...

What were the weights of the other two? You know, I have some tricks to avoid induction. ;-) All my babies came on the date of my choice...haha!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Alisa! I haven't really been watching my diet carefully, but I will now! I will try and post some pictures after the weekend as Hubs & I are going away for our anniversary, so I'm hoping to get some pics of us together ;>)

Beth: I know your tricks! HA HA. That cracked me up ;>) Tatiana was exactly 8 pounds & Sienna was 7 # 2 oz, but was 2 1/2 weeks early. Maybe I just make big babies??

Stephanie said...

I just wanted to say that we couldn't find Jaedon's heartbeat at about the same time as you, around 13 weeks. And that's when we found out it was a BOY too!

Sebastian is a great name. Like I told you before, it was on our top list for boy names if Audrey turned out to be one. And I don't care for shortened names. What's the point in choosing a name and then calling them something completely different. That is after all why we name our children what we do? right?

I am so happy your placenta moved so a C-section is not mandatory at this point. But, if a C-section is needed, you'll get through it and if you need help or have questions, feel free to call.

And for the next ultrasound, I was always happy to see my little ones! The more pictures the better!

Rebecca said...

Welcome Steph! Thanks for all the kind words. People said the same thing after we had Tatiana.

"So, but what are you going to call her?"


Someone just told me a couple days ago that they know someone named Sebastian & his nickname is SPIKE. Yeah. No thanks ;>)

Hope to see you more here ;>)

Erin said...

Excuse me if I interject...but don't you call Tatiana Tati?

I was also one of those who asked because I have heard of people calling their Sebastian "Seb".

I think it is a great name!

I always shorten my kids names probably because calling all of them would take me all day ;)

I liked hearing your play by play! Continue updating on your pregnancy please!!!

Also wanted to add that I passed out cold when they did my 3 hour test with my first pregnancy. Nothing to be embarassed of!

Saralyn said...

Sebastian is a good strong name, and I think Bach's mum and dad would agree!