Friday, October 12, 2007

Our Family: Defined

Tatiana, my six year old, loves to count and recount the people in our family, especially since we are expecting a baby boy. She will tell me how many girls we have, how many boys we have & how many people total. {I think all these addition math lessons may have something to do with it too!} Last night in the car, she went a step further & "defined" each family member giving him/her a special name:

"We are going to call you {meaning me} rester." At least she didn't name me ol' yeller.

"I will be homeschooler." I was fascinated that this is what she used to define herself. I wonder if she feels like she is "different" because of being a homeschooler.

"Sienna will be sucker {since she loves to suck on her blankie corners for comfort}."

"Sebastian, {our unborn son} we'll call kicker." I thought this definition was particularly cute!

"And Dad will be worker." She has "defined" us all before, but Dad is always worker.

So that is my family, as defined by my daughter!


Anonymous said...

That's cute, I hope the "rester" is getting lots of rest for whats to come!!! ;0)

Alisa said...

That's cute! Don't you just love the way our kids' brains work?