Monday, August 27, 2007

What's for lunch??

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Are all the children officially back to school now? After watching my sister-in-law pack my niece's lunchbox, I thought I would share some school lunch ideas. I am always looking for new recipes to try, ya know! Here are some that I scrounged up:

Lunchbox Ideas

Ideas from Family Fun

Kraft Foods Lunchbox Builder

Learn about Bento ~ a new trend in lunch cuisine

Knowing my affinity for once-a-month-cooking, I can’t leave out these great lunch ideas that can be made in bulk in advance! Wouldn’t it be great not to have PB & J every day or to have to worry about what preservatives or other unnaturals are lurking in the school cafeteria lunches? It’s also nice to have lunch already made for yourself if you are staying at home {either homeschooling or with other kiddos}!

Recipezaar Cookbook for Lunches

Some of our favorite lunches include:

Leftovers: Because it's easy on mom!
Homemade Lunchables: Basically just crackers, cheese, meat & fruit. Simple!
Grilled Cheese: I like to sprinkle my bread with garlic salt before I cook it ;>)
Cheese-y Noodles: I rarely ever buy blue-box Mac, I just boil my own noodles & add a couple of slices of cheese and a splash of milk and butter.

My favorite......
French Bread Pizzas: Homemade of course! I buy hoagie rolls at Sam's Club, add some homemade pizza sauce and shredded cheese, then freeze them. That way I can have lo-cost pizza anytime ;>)

If you are trying something new and creative this year with your school lunches or have other sites to add, please feel free to share with the rest of us!

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Erin said...

Well...our girls will not be starting school until next Tuesday. I know Harvard has started and I think Crystal Lake is starting Wednesday.

I love the Kraft foods site. Cool ideas! My girls will be getting hot lunch this year though. It is much cheaper for us than buying groceries and making like the idea of them getting milk and healthy choices at school lunch now. School lunch has come quite a way now b/c of the countries childhood obesity crisis. FINALLY!!! There are people who are willing to do something about this poor generation of video gamers. Grrr...I am off on a tangent!