Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sew and Sew

I am still enjoying sewing. Kinda surprising due to my short attention span wink. Here are some of the projects I have been working on this week. This first one is my proudest accomplishment thusfar. I *love* it! I purchased the pattern, Liesl & Co Backpack Tote {her blog is here}, and the necessary hardware from PurlSoho. Hubster wasn't crazy about my eclectic fabric choices {his favorite color is grey and orange, though}, but it is totally me. Without much ado:
It has an outer buttoned pocket, a magnetic closure, and you can see the interior with its patch pocket and lined zippered pocket.

The neatest thing is that you can either use it as a tote bag over your shoulder or the straps pull together through the rings & it can be used as a backpack as well. So versatile. It's big enough to maybe use as a diaper bag, but I don't think hubs would be too thrilled carrying it around.

Next FO {finished object} is a tiered skirt for my niece's birthday at the end of the month.

I made it using the same tutorial as the one I previously posted about. The fabric is by Alexander Henry and is called "Mocca". I am very happy with how it turned out. I want to find a red {maybe sage green to bring out the green?} shirt to go with it to which I can add a few cute embellishments. I also wouldn't mind trying to make some matching felt hair clips to go with it, maybe something based on this.

Here is something else I whipped up, complete with before & after:

You can see a close-up of the fabric. It's a flannel with little fishes and other shapes. The fabric was in my stash & so was the velcro for the closure, so it really didn't cost anything to make. I wanted to try the technique before I plunked down money for some nicer fabric. Maybe once I decide on the theme of the nursery, I will make another one to match.

And my final project is something {after seeing how cute it is} I think every child should have. It's a little tooth pillow for placing the lost tooth in so the Tooth Fairy {or in our case the Mommy Fairy since we don't promote pretend figures} can leave the child a special treat. Six year old lost her first tooth this week {exciting!} so the Mommy Fairy left, in the new tooth pillow of course!, a tootsie roll and a handmade coupon to the donut shop. Don't forget to leave a little Mommy Dust {gold glitter} when you fill the tooth pillow!

P.S. If you are interested in a tooth pillow for your child{ren}, let me know. They are sew easy, I'd be glad to send one along!


Erin said...

Hey!!! I love all your projects. The bag colors aren't too eclectic! In fact they make it "easy" to find your bag in the midst of all the plain others! The skirt is cute. I see that you made it similiar to Tatiana's without all the drama ;)

I thought of one suggestion...We had a tooth container that was small and plastic. *I* was having a hard time getting to it when the girls would put it under their pillows on the top we found a tooth pillow with a ribbon loop so we could hang it on the doorknob. SO HELPFUL and honestly it reminds me that there is a tooth that was lost during the day(I actually have been known to forget!). So maybe you want to string one up??? Just a thought!
Yours looks great btw!

Rebecca said...

That's a great tip about hanging the tooth pillow. I didn't realize what a procedure it would be trying to get to the stinkin' thing, then try to fish the tooth out {especially since I had to step over Sienna sleeping in the trundle below}! Next one will definitely have a ribbon of some sort!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on your purse/bag pricing list ;0)

Very neat and cute ideas. Good thing your getting through them now, as time will be short when the little man gets here! ;0)

Debbie J. said...

I love your sewing projects! I must come back and look some more!!!I need to make an extra cover for my dauther's "u" shaped baby thingie.

Mon said...

I love our comment regarding the "Mommy Fairy". We do the same thing without kids. My sister-in-law's husband was very upset when with his parents when he found out Santa wasn't real. And I think children should know the truth about why we celebrate holidays and that their gifts really come from their loved ones.