Monday, August 20, 2007

School Daze....

...oh, I mean days biggrin are back again! We "officially" started school two weeks ago, but have gotten off to a very slooooooow start. We completed 5 days in the course of two weeks, mostly due to a bunch of end of the summer sleepovers with cousins & grandparents {oh, and the teacher was struck with a terrible case of food poisoning that took several days to recover from}. Anyhow, since I know public school will be starting shortly for many families, I will be featuring some "back-to-school" posts to get us all in the mood for the new school year. My favorite back-to-school memories from my childhood would mostly revolve around shopping. I would get so excited to be able to buy new "school clothes" and supplies. There is a line in the movie "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks says,

"Don't you love the fall? It makes me want to go out and buy school supplies. And if I knew your name and address, I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils."
How romantic! {I *SO* love fall too!!} Those boxes of Crayolas with all the perfect unused crayons & fresh notebooks with so many pages to be filled......

So have you gotten your back-to-school shopping completed yet? Any good deals to share?

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Erin said...

I will try this again...Kierstin deleted my first attempt at this...DOH!!!

We are almost done getting the crazy list of items that the twins need(we haven't even ventured into Kyla's list yet...we have an extra month). I actually completed most of our lists while dragging a very pregnant Beth around Walmart after one of our "dates". I think she was amazed at the amount of things that a first grader "needs" just to enter school on the first day. There are the normal things and then the non-normal things like...dry erase markers and 2 boxes of clorox wipes each.

We haven't had to buy clothes for any of the three oldest K's this year thanks to Kathy Gerloff's twin grandaughters. We haven't even had to buy shoes. We actually have fall clothes that the twins haven't even layed eyes on yet down in plastic containers in the basement. So...I don't think I will need to get clothes for fall/winter at the moment.

So all in all we are pretty ready. Tomorrow Sean took off work and we are going to meet the twins teachers and look over all the renovations at their school. I am sure that will be pretty exciting!

Well...I hope all is going well with your start! Even if it is slow it must feel nice to get going!