Monday, August 06, 2007

Frugal Summer Purchase

I was so excited when I came across reusable swim diapers. With the kids swimming in our kiddie pool quite a bit, it seemed like I was going through quite a few disposable swimmies. I paid $5 on ebay, but I see that some of the infant/toddler swim accessories are all on clearance at Target now. So if you are in need of a reusable swim diaper {for the rest of this year or next}, they are available there for $4 a piece. No more wasting $$$ on disposables!


MommySecrets said...

I LOVE reusable swim diapers!

They even sell reusable swim diaper bathing suits, which I loved for my 2nd child!

Skyra said...

I used these reusable swim diapers last year -- they are AWESOME!!!

We do not need them this year -- Jacob tells us when he needs to go potty. HAY for us! ;)

Mon said...

I didn't know these existed. I may have to purchase one next summer.