Thursday, May 24, 2007

Small Town Living

I went to our local post office on Saturday to mail some packages & buy some 2 cent stamps. The postal worker there was so friendly. There are only two different workers that are ever in the office, so you start remembering and appreciate seeing the same friendly face. {I even remarked to hubby afterwards how personal it felt & how you probably wouldn't experience that in a bigger town.} She handed me the stamps and I noticed that there was an actual sized picture of the same stamps on the counter. Somehow I got so mesmerized by trying to align my stamps with the picture {yes, I'm weird or maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones} that I ended up leaving the stamps on the counter. I realized the next day that I had left the stamps there. Lo and behold, on Monday morning, the stamps were in my mailbox with a little note that I had left them at the post office. The worker must have looked up my address and took it upon herself to make sure they got to me. I don't think you'd get that kind of service in a big city. Just one thing to love about small town living!

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~Bev~ said...

Your brain must work like mine! LOL! I would do something like that. I live in a small town as well. It has it's good and bad points. I am trying to start looking at more of the good and less of the bad.