Monday, May 21, 2007

Crystal Light on the Go

I really like Crystal Light {or the knock-off} since I'm really drinking water, but with much more flavor and without all the calories. It helps me keep my fluid intake up, which is especially important now. I've heard people rave about Crystal Light on the Go, little packets which you dump into a bottle of water to make Crystal Light {$$$}. I like this idea particularly because I could alternate flavors without having to make a full pitcher at a time. I figured out how to make my own at home. Here is what you do:

Open your container of CL meant to make a 2 qt. pitcher. Get your standard size {16.9 ounce} bottle of water. Measure out 3/8 teaspoon CL mix & dump into bottle {I usually do 1/4 teaspoon plus a half of the 1/4 teaspoon to make 3/8}. Shake vigorously, enjoy! Depending on how full your bottle of water is, you may have to drink a little off the top to get it to shake well. I just put the rest of the container on a safe shelf in the cupboard.

So there's another money-saving homemade idea to begin your week. Hope your weekend was blessed!

P.S. My favorite flavors are raspberry ice, pink lemonade, and iced tea {which I shouldn't drink too much of now}!

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Michael said...

I use the same principle when I make a sandwich, I take out only what I need and leave the rest for the next time I want to have one. And if I only want a half a sandwich, then I take out less. If I'm really hungry, then I take out more.