Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Frugal Inspiration

Need some fresh inspiration for your frugal lifestyle? Here are some blogs I have come across recently that I really enjoy:

The Family CEO
- seems like she hasn't posted in awhile, but when she does, it's good. Lots of links to other frugal blogs as well.

Like Merchant Ships

the Abundant Life

No Limits Ladies - ok, not so much a frugal blog, but a blog about money sense. I *really* am liking this one.

I have enjoyed all the conversations regarding frugality that I have come across as well, like this one. I came to realize that frugality is not about paying less, it's about living with less. Sometimes I think I am being frugal, when in reality I am just buying cheap stuff that I really don't need. I want to live a simpler life. {I think this is why I enjoy doing some things the "old-fashioned" way.} I want to have control over my "stuff", not the other way around. If you have any frugal inspiration or thoughts, please share with the group!


The Family CEO said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm looking forward to exploring your blog as well.

Christy said...

Hi! Thanks for the link. I like what you said: frugality is not about paying less, it's about living with less. Simplifying. I have felt overwhelmed by so much *stuff*!

We want to be good stewards with all that we have (not just money ... our health and bodies, our time, etc.) since it all belongs to God.

We'd like to live more simply, not just riding the rapids of materialism as if we have no control. We've found it quite a challenge to take the plunge and go deeper to the quieter, smoother water, but it's worthwhile. It feels right and good.

I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Congrats on your pregnancy!!